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UV sterilizer made by CAMIX (Vietnam)

Questions Form

Please tell me the main feature of UV sterilizer made by CAMIX (Vietnam) ?

uv sterilizer made by camix (vietnam)

Thank you for your inquiry and we would like to give you some information as follows:

UV sterilizer made by CAMIX (Vietnam), the importing detail ?

CAMIX can not produce UV lamps, so CAMIX have to import UV lamps from other overseas manufacturer (Viqua, Aquafine...).

UV sterilizer made by CAMIX (Vietnam), the inhouse fabrication details ?

CAMIX can make other parts of UV sterilizer in it's workshop, such as: ballast, glass tube and chamber. 

UV sterilizer made by CAMIX (Vietnam), what's about the material of the chamber ?

Currently CAMIX make the chamber in 3 diffirent different materials: SS304, uPVC and PPR.

UV sterilizer made by CAMIX (Vietnam), the technical specification ?

You should take a look at: Disinfection Equipment. If you want to download the document to your computer, please go to: CAMIX's Catalogues. If you have more time, please take a tour at: UV-Sterilizer CAMIX.