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We are working in aquaculture, breeding fish, shrimp & oyster. Our UV sterilizers made in stainless steel SS304, but they still can not sustain the corrosion of brackish water & saltwater. So please tell me if there are UV sterilizers made in PVC and where to buy in Vietnam ?

pvc uv sterilizer for aquaculture in vietnam

Thank you for your contact and your inquiry. We would like to provide you some main informations as below:


PVC UV sterilizer for aquaculture in Vietnam, is there any ?

Before year 2013, there is no any UV stetilizer made in PVC in Vietnam yet. But from now on, there are a few Vietnamese companies can make it in PVC to meet the request from clients.


PVC UV sterilizer for aquaculture in Vietnam, 100% in PVC or there are some parts not in PVC ?

Just the parts contact directly with water (brackish or salt) are made in PVC, but other parts are made in different materials (SS304, painted carbon steel...).


PVC UV sterilizer for aquaculture in Vietnam, catalogues for selection ?

You should refer to: Disinfection Equipment and choose the most suitable one for your application. You also can take a tour at: UV-Sterilizer CAMIX for your animation. If you want to have the catalogues in hand, please download from: CAMIX's UV Sterilizer Catalogues 


PVC UV sterilizer for aquaculture in Vietnam, where to buy ?

You should contact CAMIX Co.,Ltd via it's Email: or you can contact Mr.Trung via his mobile phone: +84.913.318.237. Good luck !